This week we headed down to the south coast of England to brew with the excellent Unity Brewing Co from Southampton. 

Founder, Jimmy Hatherley is a long-term friend of Luke’s. With them working, playing in a band and home-brewing together back in the day, the opportunity to brew a full release together was too good an opportunity to miss.

We decided early on that we were going to brew a rustic style saison using yeast derived from one of both of our favourite Belgian farmhouse breweries. We also wanted to add some of the terroir of the local area however and were fortunate enough to be down just as the Elderflower was coming in. We spent Monday foraging for this beautifully aromatic flower around Southampton Common and the local areas and managed a pretty respectable haul.

In typical Unity style, the malt base for this beer is incredibly precise and balanced, highlighted with some spelt for added honeysuckle notes. We then settled on a hop that we all love, Hallertau Blanc, with head brewer Jim balancing the levels to bring out the Elderflower perfectly.

The brewery was smelling absolutely amazing through the morning, with a balance of honey-rich malts and gently perfumed flowers melding together beautifully. We are really excited to try this one when it is released in a few weeks time!

This beer will be a limited keg only batch available in June throughout the UK. Keep your eyes peeled to both ours, and Unity’s social channels for further launch information.

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