This has been a big week for us at Tripoint as we headed off to London to brew our first beer, in collaboration with the awesome guys at Affinity Brew Co in Bermondsey.

Affinity makes some of our favourite beers and focuses on flavourful, sessionable brews that are perfect for just about any occasion. This was something we took to heart when planning the recipe for the brew day.

We put our heads together a month or so back, and came up with a recipe for a Table Beer with a good amount of rye, wheat & oats in the grist and packed full of modern European hops.

The test batch was tasting great when it hit their keg lines at the taproom, so with a bit of a tweak and some more hops added to the final recipe, we scheduled the full-scale brew.

The final recipe was put together as a joint effort between Luke and Affinity’s brewer Stirling, deciding to centre the beer around hop-bursting using Mandarina Bavaria. This superb new-wave European hop is packed full of pungent citrus notes, bright herbal undertones and a touch of sweet spiciness that picks up on the rye perfectly. 

This is fundamentally a sessionable beer and to balance the low ABV, we used a healthy amount of oats & wheat in the grist to maximise the body and texture. We then pitched with a dry Saison yeast that will bring a nice estery quality to the finished beer.

This beer is in the fermenter at the moment, and will be treated to a healthy dry-hop addition of Mandarina Bavaria, backed up by Styrian Wolf to add an extra layer of tropical fruit and floral aromas.

This beer will be available mid-April in cans, casks and kegs in London, as well as in kegs in Northern France. Keep an eye on our social media feeds for more details.

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