In the run up to our full launch later this year, we have the pleasure of collaborating with some of our friends from around Europe on some special, limited release beers.

Having worked in the beer industry for over a decade, we have many close friends making some of our favourite beers and we are seriously stoked to get to brew with them.

The first leg of the tour is around the UK and it was an easy choice to hit up these three breweries as all are long-standing friends.

The first release and indeed our first beer to hit the market, will be with a brewery we massively respect and who truly shares our values when it comes to many things, not least on modern European beer; Affinity Brew Co in Bermondsey. For this beer we came together to brew a flavourful, low ABV table beer with heritage grains and a big hit of new-wave European hops. The test batch for this beer is already in the fermenter, so expect a full blog on this one when it’s ready to go this Spring.

Next up we have the superb Unity Brewing Co from Southampton. The founder Jimmy is an ex colleague, bandmate and long-standing friend of Luke, in fact they used to homebrew together back in the day, so they are pretty excited to brew for release together this Spring.

Finally we have one of our favourite London breweries in Weird Beard Brew Co. We have enjoyed many a night out drinking with Bryan and there aren’t many people who make better dark, boozy beers for our money (so expect something along these lines).

There will be more info coming on these collaborations as the recipes are finalised and the beers are ready to be brewed, so expect a blog for each one in the upcoming months. 

Meanwhile, on this side of the Channel, we have been speaking with some of our favourite local French breweries as well, and we will have an update blog on the second leg of our collaboration tour soon.

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