Tripoint Brew Co, as a concept, came about through a mutual love of modern European brewing by long-time friends Pierrick Niewiadowski & Luke Kulchstein. Pierrick & Luke met during their time working for BrewDog and after many long summers on the beer festival scene and trips across Europe, the initial sparks of an idea were formed. A brewery taking in the very best of French, Belgian & British beer culture and traditions and making something greater than the sum of its parts.

Tripoint is the outcome of many years of working in the Beer industry across three continents. With a passion for classic brewing traditions and one eye on the best modern techniques, Pierrick & Luke are merging the best of both through flavourful, modern European beer.

“Tripoint, as a concept, came about through a mutual love of modern European brewing”

After studying foreign applied languages and marketing at University, Pierrick worked on a freelance basis, for a number of French craft beer brands.

Thanks to this, he was able to work for the biggest independent distributor of beers in France, International Beers and Beverages. As their marketing project manager, he was able to work with BrewDog, De Molen, Stone and many other household names.

After leaving France, Pierrick came to London to work for BrewDog fulltime as part of the events and marketing team. This allowed him to organise events all over the UK and Europe such as the BrewDog AGM & Paris Beer Week. After his experience with BrewDog, Pierrick left Europe for the good life in New Zealand, where he managed Black Dog Brew Co, a small brewpub in the centre of Wellington. In this role he discovered a new beer culture and was able to work with fresh kiwi hops.

After a few years in NZ, Pierrick came back to Europe and is now working as marketing manager for a startup in France while developing Tripoint Brew Co.

“With a passion for classic brewing traditions and a constant view to the heights of modern techniques”

Luke started off as a graphic designer and illustrator, also studying historic printmaking at University. Whilst there he started working in a wine shop and discovered a passion for all things fermented. After graduation Luke continued to work as a freelance designer and also in the Wine trade, from working in store to distribution, import / export and buying.

During his time in the wine trade, Luke developed a passion for home-brewing and started working on recipes, some of which have evolved into the beers you will come to know as Tripoint. After 6 years of working with wine, studying WSET up to Diploma and training to become a Sommelier, Luke made the decision that his future lay in another direction, in the world of beer rather than Wine and took a job with BrewDog.

Over the years at BrewDog, Luke oversaw the direct retail side of the business, with the Online Shop and BottleDog sites, as well as the buying of beer from other breweries to showcase. After leaving BrewDog, Luke went on to head up all-things Beer Merchants, the UK’s oldest specialist beer website. Beer Merchants is the retail arm of Cave Direct the family-run importer/distributor who originally bought Belgian beer into the UK and is still its biggest champion to this day.

Tripoint is an evolving brand and will start life off as a Nomadic brewery, something widely practiced in Belgium. We will be using the facilities at a select few of our favourite breweries, taking over the brewhouse for the day to make each beer whilst we look for a permanent home to set up for ourselves.


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